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We seek to promote the administration of justice and the interests of professional practice in the field of Chancery law in the North of England.

The Northern Chancery Bar Association was formed in July 1987. Vice-Chancellor Blackett-Ord was approaching retirement and it was perceived that this would lead to important changes in the manning and administration of the Chancery Courts in the North of England.

As the founder members (Derek Mallard, Peter Keenan and John Fryer-Spedding) noted in their initial invitation to members, the response was that Chancery practitioners in the North of England should have their own association to guard and advance their particular interests. Although now, as then, those interests are often the same as those of the national Chancery Bar Association they also, on many important occasions, differ, because of our local circumstances and needs.

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24 November 2015

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24 November 2015

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